GA Meetings in New England



C  – Closed Meeting” = Only those with a gambling problem, or those who think they may have a gambling problem, with a desire to stop gambling, are eligible to attend and participate.

MC – Modified Closed Meeting” = This type of meeting would be the same as a “Closed Meeting” but the members would vote to include certain groups such as health professionals, guests attending with first time members, and persons with other addictions in need of a meeting.

O – Open Meeting” = Spouses, family, and friends of the gambler are welcome to attend and observe the meeting

S –   “Step  meeting” = where the focus is one of the 12 recovery steps

H – Meeting room is wheelchair accessible

Meetings run from 1hr to 2hrs unless specified

(NOTE- At any type of GA meeting, an individual wishing to protect his/her anonymity may request non-gamblers to leave the room while he/she speaks.)