GA Meetings in New England

To download the full meeting list click NEIG_MeetingList_20140410
Meeting Information

C –  Closed.   Only individuals who have (or believe they might have) a gambling problem may attend.
O –  Open.  Non-gamblers are allowed to attend.
R –   Regular.   Family members/friends are allowed to attend the gambler’s first meeting to provide support. Other visitors(reporters, e.g.) may attend one meeting of this type – it’s suggested GA members inform groups one week ahead of time.
E –   Early.   Special meeting geared to new GA members.
O/GP–   Open meeting where Gam-Anon members are invited to participate.
GM–   Gam-Anon meeting (for families of gamblers)
CM–   Combined Meeting – GA and Gam-Amon meet together.
H–   Meeting Room is Wheelchair Accessible
SK –    Meeting Where Smoking is permitted (All meetings are non-smoking unless otherwise noted)
S –   Step  meeting where the focus is one of the 12 recovery steps
Meetings run from 1hr to 2hrs unless specified
(NOTE- At any type of GA meeting, an individual wishing to protect his/her anonymity may request non-gamblers to leave the room while he/she speaks.)